Everything to organize, run, and keep track of innovation programs

Plan and organize innovation programs

Reduce organizing time and improve the quality of your program.

Drag-And-Drop Scheduler

Simply drag-and-drop elements on your plan, and the schedule will automatically adjust.

Joolia Best Practices

Joolia comes with a library of proven innovation approaches and methods.

Shared Template Library

Create or upload your own approach and save it as a template to share with your team.

Run programs with your participants

Everything to manage participants - whether you have 5 or 500.

Teams in Joolia
Team Builder

Invite participants to the platform and form teams that work together throughout your program.


All communication in one place: Make announcements or chat with participants and teams.

Ideas and submissions

Create assignments and challenges to collect ideas, work results and much more from your participants.

Keep Track

Oversee your participants' progress and keep track of every innovation program in your organization.

Progress Dashboard

Easily see how teams are doing and who is falling behind.


Keep track of every innovation program that is running in your organization, in one view.

Reports and Export (coming soon)

Create stunning reports of your program and export it to share with stakeholders.

Formats in Joolia

The Joolia App

Let your participants take part in the program, upload results and communicate with you.

Easy to use

Simplicity is our top priority. Joolia is designed to be intuitive and does not require training or onboarding.

Schedule and instructions

Share the schedule with participants and provide guiding instructions.


Participants can access assignments and tasks - right on the go.

iPhone showing the Joolia App

Upload Ideas & Submissions

Let Participants share ideas and upload assignments from their mobile.

Result Documentation

There's no easier way to document results of a workshop, sprint day or lab session.

Coming soon

The Joolia app will be available soon.

Data Security Made in Germany

Joolia fulfills all requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation GDPR. All data of European Customers is hosted within the EU.


Start organizing next-level innovation programs

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